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Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start? - Corporate event and Christmas party ideas

I have so many questions about planning my corporate event... Where do I start?

We recommend that you contact as many entertainment vendors as possible.  Ask them every question on your list.  Use these questions to add to or even create your own personal interview list.  Please add any questions that you feel are important!

What is the name of your company?

Where is your office located?

Who will be the contact person for my event, and what is their contact number?

How many years of professional experience do you have?

What percentage of your business is dedicated to my type of event?

How many staff members does your company have?

Does the staff member assigned to my event have references? Can I contact them?

What happens if my DJ is sick the day of my event?

Do you have backup equipment available if your equipment has problems at my event?

What is your corporate policy on your staff drinking alcoholic beverages at my event?

Do you specialize in any specific types of music?

Is your music library licenced or illegally aquired?

Do you specialize in any specific types of events?

What type of sound system will you provide at my event?

Are you able to act as a master of ceremonies if I require you to?

How will your staff be dressed at my event?

Do you provide a light show? Can I see pictures of it before my event?

Do you provide a cordless microphone?

Do you take breaks?  If so, how many and how long are they?

Do you have liability insurance?

What is your base fee for an event, and what does that include?

Is overtime an option the night of my event?

What is your cost for each additional hour of overtime? Can I book overtime in advance at a discounted rate?

What are your payment options and cancellation policy?

Take notes, meet with company representatives and check their references.  This way, you will acquire all of the information you need to make the decision that will determine the memories that you and your guests refer back to when reminiscing about your event.