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Is it About You or the DJ?                                                                                                    October 26, 2016

I’m sure anyone reading this has been to at least one event with an awesome DJ, and one event with a DJ that made you shake your head in disbelief. Think about the differences between these two DJs. What made the good one good? What made the other sub-par?

What it all comes down to is this: A good DJ will adhere to the wishes and hopes of the client and never forgo the plan just to score other bookings or feed their personal ego.

When you call a DJ to book an event, you’ll know within the first few minutes of your conversation whether that DJ is going to deliver what you’re looking for at your event or not. There are a few red flags to watch out for when engaging in that initial conversation.

First, did the DJ ask you about your event - not just where and when, but the actual scope of the event? Did the DJ ask what the event is for, what kind of music you want played, or even the demographic of attendees that will be present? It’s important that you hear these questions during that first conversation because it means the DJ is interested and is making sure they can deliver what you’re wanting. It’s not very helpful if the DJ says, “Yep. I’m free that day. That’ll be a $500.00 deposit. See you in a few months.” Wait a minute – What about the fact that you want it to be a country-only wedding reception, or a disco themed Christmas party? If the DJ doesn’t care what’s happening during that first phone call, you can’t expect them to care at your event either.

Partnered with the above, did the DJ do more talking or listening? Did the DJ rave about how awesome they are for 20 minutes, or was the conversation about you? A good DJ should be willing to adapt to the needs of the client but can’t do that if they doesn’t ask questions - plain and simple. It only takes 10 – 15 minutes to talk to clients to get a good understanding of the services they are looking for. If a DJ doesn’t do that - it illustrates laziness and a lack of interest.

We’ve talked before about making sure you research your vendors before reaching out to them. Judging by the photos is the DJ going to hang up a 20 foot business card at your event? Make sure you read the reviews and make sure you know your event is going to be about you, not the DJ.

The administrative staff at Sounds Unlimited Inc. takes the time to get the scope of the event from every person that calls. We have the means to adapt to your needs, and have a great team of DJs to help deliver the entertainment you’re looking for.

With so many options out there, planning an event can be overwhelming. Keep following our blog and we’ll be sure to offer tips and insight into the planning process. Don’t let your wishes fall through the cracks! Check out our website and see how we can help you plan the event you’ve been dreaming of.


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