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Get to know your DJs                                                                                                                                          September 8, 2016

As you plan your wedding, you’re going to encounter all sorts of vendors that make promises and grandiose gestures of what they are going to be able to deliver on your big day. We’ve used the term “slick-talking salesman” before in reference to those who do all the talking, all the “planning” without asking for your input. More specifically, you will encounter DJs who will book without asking some of the most important questions. Bottom line: it’s your night. Your ideas should be front and centre of the conversation. So what do you do?

Get to know your DJs of course!

The entertainment you want at your wedding should be the entertainment you get. From one DJ to the next, they are going to have different ideas about what makes a wedding successful. It’s a DJ’s job to read the crowd, but just because 90s hip hop went over really well last weekend, does not mean your guests are going to appreciate it when they are predominantly a classic rock loving group – that’s just one example. Maybe you’re looking for jazz standards and aiming for elegance as opposed to a loud party. Your DJs won’t know that if you don’t sit and talk with them.

Your DJs should be willing to sit with you in the weeks/months leading up to the wedding not only to learn what you want, but also help you plan some of the minute details you don’t want to be worried about on the day of. Will there be a grand entrance? What song will you want for that? What music do you want for your bouquet toss? First dance? Do you want to avoid the chicken dance at all costs? It’s requested at nearly every wedding we do, but if you hate that song, the DJs shouldn’t play it – period.

The DJs should know your timeline so they can cue the songs at the perfect moment. It is their job to set the atmosphere that you have planned for and want at your wedding.

Getting back to the slick-talking salesman who promised you everything – is he even one of the DJs who is showing up? We’ve heard from so many people that the person they spoke with and made plans with, wasn’t the one who showed up the day of the wedding. What if you don’t like this new DJ and how can you trust this new mystery person will know all the details? At Sounds Unlimited Inc. our administrative staff gets to know the bride and groom first. We have a team of more than 20 DJs, men and women with unique personalities, styles, and tastes in music. We talk to you and get your ideas and find the two DJs who best compliment your vision – kind of like a matchmaker. It’s these DJs who sit with you and help plan your entertainment well before the big day. If you don’t agree that these DJs are absolutely perfect for you, we rematch until everyone clicks.

Just because a company provides a service, doesn’t mean they make the decisions for you. The mark of a good DJ is someone who puts their ego aside in order to get to the bottom of your desires, and then finds a way make that happen. Give us a call or check out the rest of the website to see how we can provide the perfect entertainment catered to you.   

As always we’ll be here to offer tips and insight into the planning process to help you get the wedding of your dreams!


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