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Why a DJ's Backup Plan is Crucial                                                                                                                  July 11, 2016

While it might be a fact that nearly everything these days is run by computers, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to work all the time. I’m sure anyone reading this had a situation earlier this week where it took every last ounce of strength not to take a baseball bat to the laptop sitting on your desk because it decided to go to sleep for absolutely no reason at all.

 When hiring a DJ for your wedding or corporate event it is important to remember this fact.

 A great DJ will have a backup.  Likely an extra computer/laptop/tablet at the venue for those just-in-case moments.  

When in the initial planning stages of your big day, be sure to ask your DJs if they have more than one set of equipment – not just multiple computers. If something as simple as the soldering of a wire comes loose with a speaker or mixer connection are they going to be able to keep the show going?

Two of our DJs shared this anecdote:

“We had just finished setting up the Ultimate Package for a wedding reception. About 15 minutes before we were to start playing music, one of the clamps holding a lighting effect gave out and the light crashed down on top of the laptop which was sitting under the lighting truss! The computer was toast instantly. Good thing we always have two computers, we were able to switch the laptops out right away and still started on time! Then the other DJ ran back to the office to get yet another backup laptop.”

 Which brings me to the next backup must: More than one DJ.

Let’s face it - things happen. People get sick. Generally, if a DJ is working alone, he/she will spin through the sickness, but what if that means leaving the music unattended for breaks?  And do you really want the person in charge of your entertainment to be “pushing through a sickness” when they are responsible for keeping the party energized?

 Having two DJs working as a team serves a number of functions:

 • Music is always attended to.

• If the DJ is sick, there is still another on hand to make sure everything goes according to plan.

• Your DJ can MC your event, while the other keeps the musical momentum going!

• If something does go awry, one DJ can run out to grab a backup, while the other keeps playing.

Sounds Unlimited Inc. has a team of 20 DJs always working in pairs at each and every event. It has six systems ready to go for you, and each system has two computers.

 ...So why is all of this so important?

Because it takes mountains of stress off your back when you know that no matter what, your DJs WILL be there on time, ready to go, even if someone gets sick the morning of your big day. It means that if the freakiest, most insane fluke happens to a piece of equipment five minutes before the reception, the music will continue to play. It means entertainment is the one thing you don’t have to worry about when you get up that morning - and that means everything.

We wish you all the best in your planning endeavours. We’ll be here along the way offering tips and insight into the wedding planning and DJ selection processes.


 Your DJs at Sounds Unlimited Inc.