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Why Valentine's Day is Not Cliché

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, I’m sure most of us can’t go anywhere without seeing pink and red, or craving large flats of expensive chocolates. Some might even argue the day has lost its meaning, almost becoming cliché through commercialism. I might even have thought so myself until I started doing a little research on the day.

As it turns out, Valentine’s Day truly marks the celebration of St. Valentine and his rebellion against the Emperor Claudius who would not allow his soldiers to marry for fear they would lose concentration while fighting in his war. Couples in love were separated, never allowed to declare their love.

St. Valentine believed this to be an atrocity. 

The day marks his punishment for committing such “crimes”. This man gave up his life so that couples who loved each other would be able to get married. That is amazing. Rebellion, forbidden love, it really is what romantic legends were built on!

Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of love and romance – why wouldn’t we want to celebrate that?

"It is estimated that nearly 220, 000 will get engaged on Velentine's Day" - FactList.net 

Many couples agree with me there and celebrate by getting engaged. Approximately 220, 000 couples get engaged each year on Valentine’s Day! But here is where I suddenly realised how exceptional this day becomes: While thousands of couples may be getting engaged on the same day, each is going to have a different love story. That’s thousands of unique couples embarking on thousands of different paths that will become the wedding planning journey.

From proposals that involve filling the apartment with roses to writing the question in the snow, every year on this day couples start the first chapter of their story. This is the least cliché day of the year as it celebrates romance in all shapes and sizes, and that’s exactly what your wedding day should be about: The unique story of you two.

From February 15 on you get to plan that day – it’s pretty exciting. From the initial planning stages to colours, from venues to entertainment, you get to create a wedding that is totally you!

Here to help you along the way, we’ll provide you with tips on lighting and venues, where to start in the initial planning stages and ideas on how to make your wedding unique.

 For now, have a happy Valentine’s Day from your DJs at Sounds Unlimited Inc.  

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